Music programmes from the past that you’d love to hear re-run, or relaunched …

For starters … Interpretations on Record…

4 thoughts on “Music programmes from the past that you’d love to hear re-run, or relaunched …

  1. Giancarlo Gemin

    Oscar Peterson and Count Basie at the BBC. The synergy of “Satch” and “Josh” ( as they were nicknamed) needs to be seen and heard.

    Also, I distinctly remember a BBC studio production (quite abstract in style) of Verdi’s Macbeth from the 70s with Norman Bailey and Patricia Johnson – or did I dream it?

    Oh, and there are a series of interviews by the late Magda Olivero (You Tube) – she interviews Renata Tebaldi and Giulietta Simionato (in Italian) theywere performers of a bygone age, and what they have say is so touching because you realise these were singers who really lived to sing. Terrific stuff.

    This could be a long list!


  2. Ian Julier

    Two items please – Ken Russell’s film on Richard Strauss, transmitted just once, then embargoed by the composer’s family. I think the BBC may even have been legally bound to destroy all material evidence… I missed it, but reports from friends say that it was way out of order as far as documentary accuracy was concerned, but as a piece of film-making, totally inspired.

    The second is the legendary BBC film of Gerontius recorded in Canterbury Cathedral with Pears, Baker and Shirley-Quirk conducted by Boult. A terribly distorted copy has recently surfaced on YouTube, but quality still shines through. There’s too much cathedral in the visuals and not enough Boult, but what a performance. Electrifying and the soloists at the top of their game. I think this film is one that Auntie scandalously self-destructed…

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