tailoring your CD listening for a particular time of day?

recorded music, that is … maybe Baroque in the morning, symphonic around midday, opera for late afternoon, chamber music, choral muic or piano works at evening. I know people who plan their listening roughly along those lines. Do you?

6 thoughts on “tailoring your CD listening for a particular time of day?

  1. Hello Rob.

    Definitely piano music at night, even if it’s strident – there’s something about the overall tone of the piano that invites the kind of introspection the end of the day requires. I can listen to medieval music all day long though, especially instrumental works.

    Baroque music for a Sunday afternoon, and it also livens up Christmas morning, now I come to think of it!

    Oh, and Renaissance music whenever it rains. Seriously! It really dramatises the weather…


  2. Robert Roy

    Alas, I live in a flat so have to temper my listening habits out of consideration of others. So, Radio 3 in the am, loud orchestral music in the afternoon and chamber music at nite.

    I love it if all my neighbours go out at the same time and I can REALLY let rip! 😀

    DSCH rules!!


  3. Steven Swalbe

    I asked BBC R3 to put on chamber music before midnight. No do. Nobody listens to the progs after the evening concert. Instead of zzzzzing to the stuff following, i would like to nod off with Hummel’s septet or any Mendelssohn chamber work.


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