Why didn’t Holst include Earth as part of his Planets Suite?

Dr. John Goss came up with this idea (inspired by hearing the Proms performance) … a really interesting thought. Anyone care to respond?

12 thoughts on “Why didn’t Holst include Earth as part of his Planets Suite?

  1. Did he think that the Earth was not a planet.

    Was it tied to Holst’s interest in doctrines of Dharma?

    I quote from Wikipedia here as I’m out of my depthand up to my neck in it here! ‘the word Dharma has its origin in the myths of Vedic Hinduism. The Brahman (whom all the gods make up), claim the hymns of the Rig Veda, created the universe from chaos, they hold (dhar-) the earth and sun and stars apart, they support (dhar-) the sky away and distinct from earth, and they stabilize (dhar-) the quaking mountains and plains.’


  2. s.swalbe@talktalk.net

    Because (1) The Earliest astronomers only considered 5 planets because they were visible to the naked eye. Earth apparently wasn’t. (2) Holst omitted Earth from his Op. 32 because he considered it to be #astronomical as opposed to #astrological. The 7 planets all represented something: Mars-bringer of war, Venus- of peace and love etc. He left out the Sun and moon as well; and also omitted Pluto because he did not want to offend Walt Disney. Another reason for the Earth omission could have been that he got bored and ran out of ideas. Regards


  3. Hans Geyer

    Mr. Cowan,

    Is there an email you can be reached at? I would like to contact you about the voice work you did 30 years ago on the show “Dinosaucers.” Thank you!


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