More on Honeck

the Honeck performances, well they were truly amazing! I may well order the CDs but for now I’ll have to make do with copies of your broadcast. He does so much with the music that I want to listen to them again, once is not enough! Surely the best Beet 7 for a very long while – staggering finale. In fact all the performances were a revelation. He makes the Pittsburgh sound like the very  best European orchestra.  Why on earth has he been neglected, but well done you for bringing him to our attention. You must have had some great feedback – I did hear some of the listeners comments.

4 thoughts on “More on Honeck

  1. Mathias Broucek

    Thanks for highlighting this. Was inspired to get a 24/192 hi res download of the Beethoven. Very impressed indeed by the 5th. Am holding off on hearing the 7th as I’m enjoying the memory of the Vanska recording I heard a few days ago.

    Have been inspired to order a CD of the Mahler 4


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