Rozhdestvensky CD hit list

With the sad passing of Gennadi Rozhdestvensky at the age of 88 what do posters reckon to a list of his greatest recordings. For what’s it’s worth – and this off the top of my head – here is mine, just for starters

Prokofiev Romeo & Juliet complete ballet

mono, Melodiya – and still the most thrilling ever recorded

the other Prokofiev ballets, and the symphonies

no-one captured the glare and rage of No. 2 like GR and I’d love to hear his Edinburgh Festival No. 3 again – 1960s. Had a reel-to-reel of it, now long gone

Tchaikovsky Francesca da Rimini/Khachaturian Gayaneh – Leningrad Phil at its greatest

… DG with a Sabre Dance that’s as terrifying when the playing is quiet as when it’s loud (and VERY loud)

Tchaikovsky symphonies and ballets (Melodiya)

emotionally arresting but well structured readings (ie, in the symphonies)

Glazunov complete symphonies (Melodiya)

Readings that honour the music’s ballet groundsprings, but that also make the symphonies add up AS symphonies 

Vaughan Williams complete symphonies (Melodiya)

(Melodiya) – Not. 4 and 6 sound almost like Shostakovich

Please add your own suggestions.




2 thoughts on “Rozhdestvensky CD hit list

  1. neiltingley

    Manfred on BBC Classics with Moscow Radio Orchestra from the Proms. Just a wow(!) performance that’s got so much excitement and passion it’s overwhelming.


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