For my beloved Georgie on this, our Golden Wedding Anniversary

Alerted by its silvery beam, I crept outside at dead of night … and there it was.

“Do you know how long it took to build?” whispered a mysterious voice

I shook my head

“Fifty years,” was the certain reply,

“… from the first dazzling spec – a sign of burgeoning devotion –

“The fun, tenderness and feistiness,

“Then daughters, a granddaughter –

“The joy of it all!”

‘And those tiny shadows?’ I asked hesitantly.

The voice paused for a moment  

“… shards of loss or misfortune

“sad, perhaps …. but never sad enough to mask the Star’s native brilliance.”

I could see that heavenly bodies nearby had taken on aspects of its radiance.

But this maverick miracle somehow seemed familiar, as if I was living beneath its teaming brightness for eternity

‘And is there sharing involved?’, I wondered

“Of course: the girl you met one warm spring morning and took to your heart right from the off …

“you see, the star is as much her gift to you as yours to her…

“a spontaneous exchange hinged on a single concept: love”

8 thoughts on “THE SPECIAL STAR

  1. Les Berger

    You may or may not remember me, Rob, but your Essential Classics programme on Radio 3 helped me through my prostate cancer treatment way back in 2015, on which we exchanged emails. You’ve long been my favourite music presenter and Gramophone contributor. And now I discover that we celebrated our Golden Wedding anniversaries on the same day, July 31st. Congratulations on reaching that milestone. I wish you both many more years of happiness.


    1. Thanks so much Les. I do hope you’re recovered now. Bizarrely the coincidences don’t end there. I’m currently in the process of having an enlarged prostate sorted – lots of unpleasant preliminary investigations but hopefully I’ll be having an op within the next month or so. Thanks so much for your appreciative words. Very best. Rob.


      1. Les Berger

        Sorry to hear you’re having prostate problems, Rob. Coincidences can be taken too far! I’m happy to report that life does continue after treatment and that apart from the annoying preliminary tests it’s no big deal. Six years on, I’m grateful fot the treatment and for the part your programmes played in helping me through it.

        Speaking of coincidences, you may recall passing my suggestions for musical quiz questions to Sarah Devonald. She just happened to be the daughter of a governor at the school where I was acting headteacher. When I left, he presented me with a CD of wind music on which Sarah played oboe. One of the works was Norman Hallam’s Dance Suite. Norman was one of my best friends in Coventry during the 1960s (he subsequently joined the Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra as a clarinettist) .

        As a result of your passing on my emeil to her, Sarah put me back in touch with her father. I sometimes think strange forces are at work in the universe!

        Good luck with your treatment and best wishes for a speedy recovery. The Gramophone and its readers need you!


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