4 thoughts on “Rainer and Rob join Proms at the Pub

  1. Dear Rob
    Enjoyed listening to your Proms in the Pub chat. Made me realise yet again how much I miss your morning slots on Radio 3. I’ve given up on Radio 3 entirely now after listening to a few appalling announcers – I’m sure there are good ones as you say, but I haven’t hit upon one.
    I shall aim to get to Shostakovich 10 if at all possible – a wonderful inspiring piece.
    Best wishes,


    1. Thanks Sarah. Shostakovich 10 is as you say inspiring and the conductor for the promised Proms performance Kyrill Petrenko is among the best around. What with the Berlin Philharmonic, it should be a real stunner. As to Radio 3, well the times they are a-changing. Still I loved it while I was there. Best wishes, as ever, Rob


  2. Les Berger

    Thanks so much for the Proms chat with Rainer Hersch, Rob. Just what I needed to give me a boost as I recover from the dreaded Covid. I was particularly interested in what you said about presenting styles. It was your obvious genuine enthusiasm for the music you presented that got me hooked on your morning programmes on Radio 3. Sadly, there are too few like you around. I find Classics FM almost intolerable both because of the presenting style and because in the main it’s just full of bleeding chunks rather than full works – an unfortunate habit that has also hit the Radio 3 Essential Classics programme.

    Or am I turning into a snob?


  3. Not at all Les. It was the reason I left …. I felt that I simply couldn’t hold on to my integrity otherwise. Not that it’s BAD as it is, just that it isn’t the sort of radio I bought into. Thanks so much for writing. Best. Rob.


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