a glass footnote

naughty and tongue-in-cheek, but maybe the start of a strand (thank you Sue Black):

There was a composer called glass

Whose themes were exceptionally sparse

So we launched a petition

To allow repetition

Which earned him a sack full of brass!

4 thoughts on “a glass footnote

  1. trevorharley

    Do you really not like Philip Glass in general, or was it just the specific recording? I would find a general dislike of him incredible. But then I hate opera, particularly anything that involves a screeching woman (which it seems is most of it). It ought to be banned on health grounds.


  2. Sonja Mes

    There is no accounting for taste – especially in music although one can learn to appreciate music in time – I had the same thoughts about opera singing; string quartets, quintets, octets you name them but I now have my favourites and I also now sing myself attempting lieder, French arts songs etc at those wonderful London adult educational institutes. (Not that I am any good). I have always noticed when listening to Rob that Philip Glass never rocked his boat – which I thought was very funny as it was so obvious! I absolutely love Philip Glass and I went a couple of years ago to “Einstein on the Beach” at the Barbican – I was enthralled. It is a moral tale as well – but perhaps of a humanist kind. Another thing I have noticed is that people who like a certain type of contemporary music also tend like early music – I love, love Purcell for instance. But I do not know how valid this observations is – it is certainly not scientific!

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    1. Hi folks. Reich I adore. Adams rather less so, but I do love the Violin Concerto and Chamber Symphonies (I admire the operas too). I have problems with Glass (who I respect nonetheless) … for me, it’s what I perceive as a lack of true musical content, though I follow his drift. I’m not acting as a critic here, just voicing a personal reaction – a very different thing. Best. R


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